Lesson Plan for Teachers

Get the Lead Out of Fishing is proud to announce that UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) asked us to create a lesson plan to be used in classrooms all over the world.

adult loonWe focused on  delivering a lesson that is flexible enough to be used at a variety of grade levels and can be tied into other lessons students may already be learning.

This lesson plan is posted here for any teacher or group leader to use to teach how to get the lead out of fishing.

As we like to say, “lead in fishing is a big problem with a simple solution” and this lesson plan is a great way to continue to spread the word.

Get the Lead Out of Fishing Lesson Plan

New York Times Features Mike Browne

Mike Browne was featured in a special education section of the paper on young people making a difference.  “Five Do-Gooders” interviewed teens from all over the country who found a problem and made a real difference in trying to solve it.

The article highlights the origins and success of Browne’s project and talks about his Aspergers.  Mike is happy that the “Get the Lead Out of Fishing” message is reaching an entirely new audience of educators and parents.  He hope that educators will be inspired to teach their classes about the hidden dangers of lead and that parents will teach their children and buy lead-free fishing weights.

Update: Browne has created a lesson plan for use in the classroom to teach students about the hidden dangers of lead. View and download the lesson plan.