EPA invites Get the Lead Out of Fishing to Annual Green Expo

For the second year in a row, I have participated in the EPA’s Green Expo in Boston.  I had the chance to meet with over 100 EPA employees, their families and members of the public.


Great group of exhibitors showing everything from green energy to organic food.  All about non-toxic, low impact lifestyles.  It was terrific to be able to continue to spread the word about non-lead fishing weights to a new audience.

King of Sweden presents award to project

Mike Browne was honored by King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden who presented an award to Browne during his stop in Boston. Get the Lead Out of Fishing is one of the projects selected to receive an award. Browne was also selected as one of the Boston scouts to take part in an award ceremony when King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia presented a check to the World Scouting organization for a Gifts of Peace program. King Carl XVI Gustaf is the honorary chair of the World Scouting organization.

Executives from World Scouting also attended the event which took place the day before an event where Boston-area scouts were invited to attend a special event tied in with the Volvo Sailing Adventure tour.

Browne traveled to Sweden last year and saw Gothenburg and Stockholm.

“It’s a beautiful country,” said Browne.  “My team of fellow Scouts and I represented the United States at a United Nations environmental program where we presented my project before an international audience of about 1000 teens and environmentalists.”

While traveling in Sweden. Browne and his team were paired with host families who brought them into their home for dinner, giving them a chance to really get to know the Swedish way of life.

There is a video of the ceremony. Watch it here… Scroll to bottom of page.