Telling the Story of Get the Lead Out

Field & Stream webcast interview in NYC

Lead fishing weights cause thousands – or tens or thousands – of bird deaths every year. When the Get the Lead Out of Fishing story is told, Browne found that fishermen were shocked that a simple buying decision could be causing death to our beloved waterfowl. Talking to anglers was usually enough to get them to commit to buying non-lead weights.

WCVB-TV Going Green TV Interview

But we cannot be at every fishing derby, nor can we stand at every store display.

Education is the key part of getting EVERYONE to make informed, environmentally smart choices.

Recognizing this, Browne has made it his mission to talk to the media to tell the story. Get the Lead Out of Fishing story has been told in dozens of regional and national publications aimed at a variety of audiences. We talked to sportsmen/women in two articles in Field & Stream magazine . We talked to kids in Boys’ Life and Science World. Get the Lead Out of Fishing was featured in The Boston Globe and the Patriot Ledger. Browne has been featured in television and webcasts including WCVB-TV NBC Boston and WBZ-TV CBS Boston in environmental segments that aired several times. Every appearance and article increases the outreach and gets the story of Get the Lead Out of Fishing to new and expanding audiences.

WBZ-TV Earth Day Interview

Browne is interviewed by Mish Michaels, WBZ-TV4, Boston about his project. The project was highlighted as part of an Earth Day report. Browne used the opportunity to educate more anglers about the dangers of lead and the readily available alternatives.

Browne was also a Do Something Award Finalist in 2009.  Do Something honors and supports young leaders in humanitarian, ecological, and educational projects that make a real difference.

Do Something continues to support Browne’s work.  His story and picture were featured on a special-edition bag of Doritos which were distributed nation-wide.

Selected Articles/Publications

Boys Life – Go Green – December 2008.  This is the official magazine for Boy Scouts.

Current Health – January 2009 – This magazine is targeted to middle-school students and is distributed in classrooms across the United States.

Field & Stream – July 2007 – Browne is announced as a finalist for the first-ever Heroes of Conservation Award for Boy Scouts.

Field & Stream – December 2007 – Browne is announced as first-ever winner of Heroes of Conservation Award for Boy Scouts.

Field & Stream – December 2007 – web page announcement of Heroes of Conservation award

Izaak Walton Society magazine Outdoor World – June 2009 – article about SeaWorld Environmental Award of Excellence

Mass Wildlife Magazine – 2008 – article about the dangers of lead and what Browne is doing to combat the problem

Science World – March 2009 – this magazine is distributed to classrooms nationwide and covers science breakthroughs and concepts for students.